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Jamie Mackh, Founder and President of Numb3r Solutions

I want to be part of your success team. I'll bring my business to serve your business wherever you are. Services are provided both in person and remotely via telephone/Zoom. Numb3r Solutions offers virtual and consulting services nationwide.

Thank you for your interest in Numb3r Solutions, Inc.!

"Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people." 

- Steve Jobs

Why QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the quintessential business accounting software for small to mid-size business owners and non-profit organizations. Chosen by over three million businesses in the United States alone, QuickBooks is proven affordable, reliable, flexible, and adaptable to a wide range of business models. There are several versions of QuickBooks available: some online, some desktop, all customizable.

Why Numb3r Solutions and QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a great product, but by itself it’s just that—a product. I will put QuickBooks to work for you, ensuring you capitalize on its full potential. You are not in the business of accounting; your business needs user-friendly, efficient accounting systems that not only yield accurate records, but are actually tools you can use to help propel your business forward. I’ll evaluate your unique business needs and help you decide which QuickBooks product will work best for your business. If you already have QuickBooks, I’ll see that it is doing everything it can for you. I can build your systems, or fix systems that aren’t working the way they should be. I can help end-users understand available features and how to do their best QuickBooks work. I can also take some of the ongoing accounting work off your hands, if that’s your preference. Together we’ll figure out what’s optimal for you. Contact me for your no cost, no obligation consultation.

Numb3r Solutions Clients

I've had the pleasure of working with clients in a wide variety of industries; a few are linked below.

Need more details? Reach out!

I am here to assist. Contact me by phone, email or LinkedIn, so we can talk about how Numb3r Solutions can best meet your needs. Your consultation is free.

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